Who We Are

A little backstory

For the past 5 years Tech101 has been passionately helping anyone who is looking to improve their presence in the world of IT. With the mounting development of Internet technology, and the continually sprouting approach to utilize them, Tech101 has its dynamic and innovative ways to assist their clients, so that they can get the best out of IT. Thriving to build relationships with the clients Tech101 assures a quality service while springing out ways to make the use of tech much easier for them.

Our workflow

Team of consultants at Tech101 is ever ready to guide their patrons with all relevant materials and information allowing them to make the best use of IT in both their personal lives and professional lives. Our consultants at Tech101 are available for all concerns and ideas to make your work regarding IT an exceptional experience. Tech101 will gladly introduce you to the tools and expertise required as to which technologies should be invested in for the growth of your company. Whether it is to set up an office network or to try and reduce phone bills, fabricate a familiar presence in the online world or merely necessitate the training to use a computer and play with its software; Tech101 has the people in place to help! Assistance is geared up; all you need to do is contact us.

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